Wyniki Konkursu „To be like Agatha Christie”

W dniach od 27.01 do 28.02 odbył się konkurs na małą formę literacką w języku angielskim o nazwie „To be like Agatha Christie” zorganizowany przez nauczycielkę angielskiego pani Małgorzatę Przybysz.

Podium przedstawia się następująco:

1. Aleksandra Gajewska 4L

2. Weronika Glinka 4L

3. Monika Ratajczak 4E

3. Iwona Wróbel 4L

Poniżej praca zwyciężczyni konkursu, Aleksandry Gajewskiej

I’m Mark Kowalski. I was born in 1856.  I work as a police officer in one of the London’s  police stations. Recently we got three cases and after they were written down, I had to make the paperwork. When I finished my work I took my jacket and headed home. As I was walking down the street a bunch of people passed next to me. My attention was caught by one man with a child. That little kid seemed to be uncomfortable with that man. The adult told to him ‘’ come on, we will be in a nice place in a moment’’.  I thought that was a little strange sentence. I continued to walk and soon after I got home, the night passed and I went to work. When I was doing my job something was bothering me. As I was thinking about it, something hit me. In one of the testimonies there was appearance description of a kid. Suddenly, a view of  yesterday’s people I was passed by, came to me. There was a boy and that boy fitted that description.  I quickly told my boss about it  but he  said that this isn’t any proof.  After a couple of hours parents of this boy came to our  police station. They were  panicking.  They said  they knew where their son was. They wanted us to go there immediately.  

“Calm down. We can’t just go to someone’s house without permission. We will take care of it.” said our boss.

“ By the time you take care of it, our son will have been far away from here and we will not be able to do anything anymore.” Shouted the woman. 

“I beg your pardon but we can’t do anything right now.”

The parents went out from the police station. I run after them. 

“Wait! I want to help you. What do you know about whereabouts of your son?’

“ We saw him with our neighbour at Brightness Street.  We couldn’t catch them because they were walking so fast and a lot of people were in our way. We reached  a shabby house and saw them in there. We couldn’t get in because the door was locked. We heard him saying that they will be far away in a couple of hours. Who knows what he wants to do to our child. Maybe he is a podophile! Please you have to do something now!.’’

“ Fine I can help you but I have to do it as a civilian and not as a policeman. Take me to that place.”

Soon after we were in front of that place. I told them to wait there and went to the back of the house. I broke the lock over basement’s door  with a hammer that I had found nearby and went inside. I wanted this man to go somewhere, so this kid would be alone and then I could take him without this man’s notice. After nearly 10 minutes I got my chance and I went inside.

“ Hey little kid I came to take you home.”

“ I don’t want to!” This child shouted and I was taken aback.

“Why don’t you want to go back?” 

“Because they are evil”  a deep voice came behind me. I didn’t notice when that man came in. 

“ Just look at him. Do you see these bruises? They did them to him”.

I looked over and indeed there were bruises in different size and colours. 

“ Please hear me out.”  The man said. We went to a different room, because he didn’t want the kid to hear this. 

“ I’m the neighbour to this family and every day I heard  they were beating him. A few days ago I heard that they wanted to kill him. I reported this to the police but by the time they do something, it would have been far gone. So I took him and I…”

He didn’t finish because suddenly the parents barged in. They were  shouting and acting violently. The woman was holding a gun and the man had a hammer. They were pure madness.   

“ Stop laying you podophile! Give us back our child!”

“He is so stupid that he actually got kidnapped! Hahaha!”

I had to make a decision in a moment. I threw myself to that man  and woman pointed a gun to me. 

“ Run and take a good care of that child!” I shouted to that good man. He rushed forward and then a woman fired. But that was my plan. When she turned herself to fire to that man I threw her partner to line of fire. Luckily he was only scratched and when the woman saw this she jumped to him.

“ I’m so sorry! Please don’t be mad!”

“You stupid bi*ch!” the man shouted and kicked the woman. She collapsed and he continued to kicking her.

“ You are so weak you  can’t even stand properly? Everything is your fault. Why did you get pregnant? Because of that my whole life changed and I have to take care of you. I have enough of that!”  He raised his hand that was holding a hammer.

“Stop!” I shouted because I knew what he was about to do.  I run forward but didn’t make it.  A moment later from woman’s head flouted out a crimson  liquid. I was moveless. Through the window I noticed the man and the child running. Luckily at least they succeeded. I put a handcuffs over murderer’s hands and took him to the police station.  After being interrogated by the boss I had a moment to myself. The murderer and child abuser went to jail. The murdered woman was buried. Their neighbour was hopefully far away with that child. And I got fired. That’s  somehow both  funny and  devastating that  at first I wanted to help the people that  seemed to be good and caring. In reality so called pedophile turned out to be a good man. 

Poniżej praca Weroniki Glinki

It happened a few days ago, although I can’t believe what happened. I am Monica, I am 35 and live alone, one street away from my sister Katie and her fiance, Tom. I never liked him! He was acting weird many times  and was often arguing with Katie. Recently, she told me something strange. When she had the 5th anniversary of her relationship a month ago, she got a gold bracelet from Tom. She was surprised because she didn’t like gold and she told Tom about it all the time. But she didn’t want to argue because she knew he had given a lot of money for it . Despite everything, she was glad. Although something didn’t suit me, I was happy for my sister!

Together with my sister, we have very good contact with each other, not only because we are related, but we work in the same place, in a hospital, we are doctors. We always go and come back from work together, but sometimes when we don’t have time to walk to work, we go by car. Recently, however, something happened. When we were driving Katie’s car to work, she said someone was following us. The red car was following us all the time. So Katie sped up. My sister was driving so fast I told her to slow down because a car was approaching, but she said she couldn’t. I was very scared! But we made it. She quickly pulled into an empty side street and after a while the car stopped. The red car was gone too. Katie took the car to the mechanic who said the brakes needed to be replaced. Although I didn’t understand this. I thought someone had done something with the brakes, but quickly forgot about it. 

On Friday, I fell ill and that day Katie went to work alone. I was worried about a call from her boyfriend, who called me and said that Katie should be home two hours ago. I knew that she always wrote to him when she came back later, I knew immediately that something was wrong.  I quickly ran out of the apartment towards the hospital, the way which we always walk together, that is through the park.From a distance I could see a lot of police and ambulances and a crowd of people. My heart started  racing because I knew something was wrong! I ran that way with tears in my eyes. When I was there, I could see a lot of something red – the whole path was covered with blood, which led to a pond, where the guards were pulling the body of a woman. There was blood everywhere! I wanted to vomit, I recognized her from a distance, her fair complexion and red hair. It was Katie! I passed up. When I woke up, I was in the hospital on a drip. 

The policeman was standing next to me, waiting for me to wake up. He started asking me questions about my sister. He said that it was suicide because there was farewell letter in the handbag and the knife Katie had used to cut herself and then drowned was found. The police believed it was true because the DNA traces were only hers. I didn’t believe it. I knew that my sister would never do  it because she was always very happy. When I left the hospital, I hired a detective to find out what really happened. I told him everything that was strange to me and Detective Nick started his work. 

A few days later, Detective Nick called me that Katie had an enemy who wanted her dead, and that it was someone close, but I knew my sister and I didn’t have many friends, so I thought about Tom. The detective told me to be careful and stay home for a while . But I had to! I went at once to Tom. When I was there, something was wrong. There was a red car next to his house. I immediately remembered when the same car was following us! I approached the house quickly. I heard screams – a man and a woman. When I entered the house, I hid and saw Tom and a woman screaming at him.
-You know, I will do anything! You knew I would do this! – The girl with the blonde hair said.
-How could you! It was a mistake  – you and me! She was the most important to me!- It was Tom, I recognized his voice and sob. I knew he was suffering.
-What about me? When you were hanging out with me, you told me that I am the most important to you, that you loved me! I was fed up with being second! You promised me you would leave her and marry me! And what now? You couldn’t leave her, so I helped you and now we can be together. – said the girl shouting and crying. – Before I killed her, I told her all about us! You know what? She didn’t even deny it. She believed me.
-How could you do that?! – Tom shouted
-I love you, understand?! When she’s gone we can be together, no one will know what happened. I killed her, but it looks like suicide. I wanted to pierce her heart so that she could feel my pain, what I felt when I saw you and her together, but I didn’t make it, I knew she was slowly dying because she lost a lot of blood and I threw her into the water.
Now I understood everything. I already knew why Tom gave my sister a gold bracelet because he mistook her for the Blonde. I already know who killed my sister. I felt faint. When my sister worked hard and she loved Tom, he had another girlfriend. He had a mistress. How could he have another girlfriend and be with my sister? How could this woman kill my sister? How could I not notice it? I thought it was a bad dream, but I knew I had to do something quickly. I called the detective and the police. They managed to come and arrest the girl. I couldn’t understand everything that happened. My only regret was that I hadn’t noticed it sooner and that I hadn’t helped my sister. If I hadn’t, I would have helped her and she would be alive. I loved my sister, she was the most important to me. There was one thing in my head that I thought and knew. I’ll get revenge. 

Praca Moniki Ratajczak


We have known Mr. Jack Gomez since 2010, when our small city started to have a lot of unexpectable problems and accidents. He was the best of the best. Detective Jack was allowed to investigate crime scenes. He always observes everything with accuracy and concentration. He also had a helper, whose name is Barry. They were a great team.

Someday, our hero- Mr. Jack was called to a weird accident. On the Yellow Street  lived a really nice, older- Lady Button. She lived alone in the really comfy, quiet neighborhood. Every single day, since her only one son moved out, she got up at nine o’clock and went shopping.

Her neighbour Lady Solano didn’t see Lady Button for a few days, because she didn’t come out. Mrs. Solano decided to call the police and tell them about it. When police came to this place, they started to knock on the door, but nobody answered. They busted down the door and saw Lady Button on the floor- she was dead. Flat was small, little kitchen, bathroom and daily room. Police protect crime scene and evidences. One of them saw a smartphone which was lying next to dead Lady Button. It looks like she was trying to call someone before she died. Police check billing of calls. The last person who was on the list- was her son Drake.

He must have come to the police station to make a deposition. Drake Button said that he saw his mother four days before her death. He came to visit her and also for a few things which he left back in the flat. They were sitting and talking. Her mom told him that she made a testament last time. She told, that Drake inherited this flat after her death. He gave her medicines because she didn’t feel good and put her to the bed. After she fell asleep he came out.

The police also find very strong medicines on the table. The autopsy indicates a lot of harmful substances in her organism. It is possible that they were in her organism caused by overdose of medicines. The main officer of this investigation connects motives and decides to arrest Drake’s Button under accusation of morder with premeditation.

Drake’s fiance was really scared. She knew that her husband was innocent, because he really loved his mom and she wanted to prove it. She decided to hire our hero- Mr. Jack Gomez. They met on the Yellow Street, in the flat. Detective Gomez came with his helper. She told him about accusations of her husband. Gomez looked around the flat. Lady Button had a really clean flat. In the kitchen everything was cleaned up. Cups, plates and also pans were placed in kitchen cabinets. Just one cup was standing on the kitchen table with a tea bag inside. It makes detective Gomez confused. Detective Gomez had an agreement with police, so he also knew everything about the police report. He knew about the smartphone, which was lying next to the dead Lady and strong medicines which were standing on the table in the daily room. Gomez said to Barry, that something is wrong in this flat, but he didn’t know what yet.

Detective Gomez felt a small blow. He noticed that this blow had come for the window in the kitchen which was open. This window must be open since the day of the death of Lady Button. He knew that something was wrong. Cup in the kitchen, open window, tea bag. He told Barry that he had to think about everything. They said goodbye to Drake’s Fiance and went back to their office.

Gomez didn’t sleep that night. He worked all the time and couldn’t stop thinking about this case. Young boy is sitting in a jail under accusation murder of premeditation his own lovely mother?!?… . Detective Jack was thinking also about the flat, because something was wrong there. How an older Lady, who cares about cleanliness, leaves a cup with a tea bag and an open window for night. That night was the night of her death, so “what if that cup is meaning?” thinks Gomez.

Next day, he told Barry that they had to go to that flat one more time. Together with Drake’s Fiance they looked around the flat again. Detective Gomez said to Barry, that he had tried to switch on the gas in the cooker. After that Gomez said that everybody has been quiet. “Did you hear this?”- told Gomez. It was a quiet whistle. After a few minutes the choking smoke appeared in the kitchen. They must open the window and leave the flat.  Detective Gomez called his old friend, Steven, who was an expert in houses installations. Steven was convinced that the gas installation in the cooker was leaking. “It was a good idea, that you had left the flat, because I didn’t want to look at your dead bodies.” After that, Detective Jack Gomez knew everything! This quiet whistle was a gas, which was leaving the cooker. After a long time in this flat human organism will be full of harmful substances, which will kill us. Lady Button had tried to make tea. When she switched on the gas in the cooker, she felt that choking smoke, so she opened the window. However, this gas was so deadly- she fell to the floor and tried calling Drake for help- but Lady didn’t make it, she died. Mr. Jack Gomez represents solving this case in the police station. Drake Button got out of prison and he could come to the graveyard to see his mom.

Our hero solved the next case!!!

Praca Ewy Studzińskiej

My parents always told me that I can do anything in my life. I should try most things and dream only about a few. However, they emphasized that I must have something that I will be really good at. Almost unbeatable. Anyway, I didn’t have to look far and especially think about my unique occupation. After all, in our family empire, I was the one for the engagement proofs of eternal faithfulness and a mastery of artistic processing of precious stones. 

There was even a conviction in New York City that the Winston ring was a guarantee of inexhaustible love and all of people’s golden thought „lived happily ever after.” But underneath it all there was something else.  Something that defined me as a human, a woman and simply defined my personality. My job was not typical, but it matched my name perfectly. But more on that much later…

On a crystal counter, with my hands hidden in black velvet gloves, I placed it on a tray in the same color, the effect of my intricate work.

– Ready? –  asked a voice that belonged to someone I couldn’t see from this part of the salon. Leaning a bit behind the marble pillar, the owner of this ruby perfection was probably sitting on a bench that was the only furniture that did not fit this place. Indeed..

– Please- without the typical broad smile of a helpful saleswoman, I waited for the financing party to come to the transfer line.

– The mechanism has been repaired, cleaned and the stones ordered have been inserted. Next time you want to destroy something, I recommend the nearest piece of furniture. It is a real shame to waste such precious metal.

–  Please believe me I am also not satisfied with the necessity of this rescue-  a distinct Eastern accent made me feel a longing in my heart.

– Nobody is happy, we earn, and the Earth loses its riches senselessly …- I replied efficiently in Russian.

– Do you know Russian? – suddenly, I  caught the man’s gaze and not just a neatly exchanged timer.

– Only a few words …

-Almost imperceptible accent for these ‘few’ words … – his suggestion, however, concerns the lack of faith in my translation.

Still devoted to watching my work, he was successfully ignoring me. It wasn’t about shyness, this type just wasn’t used to looking into women’s eyes. No matter what. Yes, it irritated me and it was not elegant, however. The visual exchange of energy, even between people who will probably never meet again, is simply a sign of respect. So when the man analyzed the certificate of stones, I bravely interjected:

– Do you have any particular aversion to the people who work for you? I don’t even want to mention the women themselves …

– Do you have any passion for harassing strangers with your personal complexes? – and still no eye contact.

-Maybe I was just hoping for more false gratitude for the assignment.

– Then I would like to speak to a professional, preferably the author himself. 

– I’m not happy … Angelina Winston – I put my hand straight ahead, still in a velvet glove, drinking the sweetest cream of satisfaction from the Russian’s embarrassment.

– It’s you, isn’t it?

– Miss Angelina Winston , Mr. Prokofiev. On ‘you’ I am only with my family.  Now that you’ve authenticated the rubies and didn’t see any flaws, I would like to ask for only twenty thousand dollars.

– Sorry, but I have to get back to my business … – The sound of Michael Jackson’ unequivocal research on „Beat it” ended the scene. A new assignment was just about to come, and then there was no delay of any kind. Even hurriedly, I dropped my gloves on the display case and disappeared behind the back door.

After about fifteen minutes, I finally saw him walking smoothly. A long camel coat, thick hair and the silhouette of someone who was able to chase a victim very quickly and for a long time.

 My Guardian was perhaps the most specific of the people I have met so far. Harsh, demanding, giving severe punishment with a velvet voice, and oblivious to the fact that the people he created may have limits. Yes … He was responsible for who I am and what I do. How? My story begins at Lenox Hill Hospital, where I was born as the daughter of not my parents. No … They don’t know about it, but it wasn’t easy for me to face the truth. But going back to the main story … I was already valuable material at that moment, and the Guardian had to try to hide me in some American family. Maybe it was a fate, or maybe a coincidence that Winstons’ daughter died then …

– New assignment? – without a greeting or unnecessary introductions, I picked up the gray envelope, inserting it into my leather backpack.

– Something easier than last time. There should be no bloodshed.

– It’s reassuring … Anything more? 

-A spy … The guy came from Moscow a month ago. He has worked very officially for the Russian government so far, but now he works unofficially for its services. 

– What do you want to know? 

-What exactly interests him.

– Just enough? 

– You have to control it and secure the information flow. Check who is helping him here and, as always, if something goes wrong, shoot.

– What’s the idea of getting there?

-You have enough information in the envelope to think of something.

– What rate?

– Half a bubble for success for you.

– For failure? – I looked curious about the answer.

– We don’t make mistakes, Angelina.

Finally, I sat down on a tall stool  and I ejected a bundle of white pages sealed so far in a white folder … Oh, hell … Is this a mockery? A tasteless joke? BORYS PROKOFIEV,  RUSSIAN 33 YEARS, BORN ON OCTOBER 10, 1988 IN MOSCOW. SON … I couldn’t read the rest.

Praca Weroniki Odważnej

On the hill, which is covered with beeches and pine trees, there is a castle, or rather what was left of it. You will notice that glorious years have already passed. It is already in ruins, but its huge shape and size give a lot to think about what it looked like in the old days. It belonged to a knight who became famous for his great bravery in the battles he fought. From these fights he brought many wealthy haul to which he could expand the castle. It quickly became one of the most powerful strongholds in that area. His three sons were also famous for their bravery and ruthlessness in battle.

The expansion of the castle was also continued over the next generations. Both the walls and fortifications with moats surrounding the castle as well as a number of underground passages through which the evacuation into the nearby forests was to take place, if someone wanted to take revenge on this family for the atrocities they had committed in the past. Currently, there were no buildings left and no one lived in the castle. But next to it there was a small manor house, and in fact a place for servants, now inhabited by two heirs of this family. They were jokingly called the keepers of the treasure. They were elderly men who avoided strangers. However, it wasn’t known what they did for a living. But when they were asked about it they responded that their sister, who lives in France in gratitude for the care of a family property was sending money to maintain them. However, no one has ever seen the sister, and the financial status was of a very high level. Once, a young priest came to the parish in a nearby town and soon heard about this story. The story was so curious that he decided to learn more. Once he decided to visit the two elder men. He knocked on the door when one of them opened, the priest introduced himself, but he wasn’t invited inside. He also visited the inhabitants of the castle several times. Once, during a thunderstorm and downpour, he was invited in. He was served tea from China in the original Chinese tableware, which looked very expensive and unusual. The astute priest noticed on the finger of one of the brothers a signet ring with a precious stone with an engraved inscription in Arabic. He also couldn’t help it but asked about the story the people in town were telling. They answered him, “gossip, gossip, gossip”. However, in the living room they were staying in, there was a map on the table that appeared to be very old, with underground passages marked on it. The priest using the moment of inattention looked into the map and noticed several seemingly entrances in the forest. They were also next to the shrines as well as the cemetery close to the river nearby. However, when one of the older residents returned, he very discreetly pushed the map with his hand so that it immediately rolled up. The priest said goodbye, thanked for the hospitality and for the fact that he could hide from the downpour. He invited them to his place whenever they were in town to thank them. For the next few days, however, he could think of nothing else but what he saw on the map. He decided to share his knowledge with a pharmacist friend. However he didn’t believe in the priest’s story or a story told by the locals. However, he was persuaded to visit the indicated places. At the family tomb, they didn’t notice anything that could indicate that it was an entrance to the underground corridors. Also, at the roadside figure, they couldn’t see anything that would indicate a secret passage. However, the young pharmacist had another passion, and that was hiking in the area. It was December, the first snow fell that winter. The pharmacist went to the forest as he had been doing for a long time. He noticed that there was a circle on a nearby slope near the castle on which there was no snow. When he went there and discovered the fallen leaves and the shallow layer of earth, he saw plank protection. After removing it, he saw a tunnel. He informed the priest about his discovery. The next day they decided to see it, and so it happened. Entering this tunnel, they noticed the warm air coming out of it, with the result that the snow melted on the outside. Pharmacist noted that if there was air circulation, the exit was somewhere, too. After walking along after a very long time, they reached somewhere where they opened the door by moving a lever. It turned out that they found themselves in a house inhabited by two older men. However, they quickly decided to come back, but there were more exits and they didn’t remember which way they had come from. They found a way out again, but couldn’t open it. They heard a wagon pulled by horses passing. In the place where they were located, the base was a square-shaped foundation, which turned out to be the foundation of the chapel.

Wandering in the tunnels, they came across a light. Following it, they came to a room where they found things that they could only read about in books. There were knightly armors in very good condition and you could see that someone was taking care of them. There were also two small chests with gold coins. However, what they enjoyed most was the layout of the underworld, which allowed them to leave the underground safely. As they did so, they decided to consider what to do with any further story they had come to know. They had a dilemma whether to share the sensation with the inhabitants of the town, but in this way betray the two older men, or let it go go on. After reflection, they decided to talk to two older men to convince them to share their story. They were very surprised when there was no one in the house the next day.